Surety Insurance.

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Surety Insurance, (Warranties)

At Futura we offer the swiftest, easiest way of obtaining endorsement lines and technical surety insurance for all service contracts with the Public Administration together with any other type of guarantee required by law. Our extensive knowledge of the sector allows us to offer the greatest advantages.

We offer guarantees to private companies for any type of transaction or contract as our commitment is to ensure the future and economic stability of those who place their trust in Futura.

Types of Insurance

  • Tender or provisional.
  • Execution of public and private works.
  • Provision of public and private services.
  • Cleaning.
  • Security.
  • Customs.
  • Substitution of bank guarantees.
  • Deposits for mains connection.

  • Renewable energies.
  • Sums delivered on account of residential developments.
  • Free market dwellings.
  • Subsidised housing.
  • Sums delivered on account for any other type of construction, facility or similar.
  • Payment bonds.
  • Performance bonds.

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