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Simplification, innovation, flexibility. Futura has a great project whose hallmark is its competitiveness, innovative spirit and the fresh solutions it offers the underwriting sector. Direct dealings and total quality commitment.

Years working in and studying the insurance and financial sectors enable us to identify those truly important factors, such as professionalism, direct dealings and, of course, the time invested. If a process takes too long, all other factors lack importance. So, why waste time?

Futura provides professionals with the finest, most highly-qualified technical team for the sole purpose of rendering a high-efficiency service based on the best professionalism and treatment. With this we achieve the most important goal: accelerating underwriting timelines. Futura quickly makes difficult things easy.


Surety Insurance (Warranties)

The simplest and swiftest way of obtaining technical surety insurance and endorsement lines for all types of contracts with Public Administrations and any other guarantee required by law.

  • Tender or provisional.
  • Execution of public and private works.
  • Provision of public and private services.
  • Substitution of bank guarantees.


The greatest solution for your decennial insurance insurance. Our consulting service ensures worry-free underwriting. Just your ease and peace of mind.

  • Works with Technical Inspection Agency certification
  • New construction
  • Finished works
  • Public / private buildings

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New solutions for a new reality.

This is made possible by our technical team, which has far-reaching experience in the banking, financial, national and international insurance and construction damage sector.

  • We thoroughly study and analyse each risk.
  • We accelerate response times and enable customised communications across all our operations.
  • We expedite and provide greater accuracy in risk analysis.
  • Finding the right cover has never been this easy.